What is a pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test detects increased levels of hormones to determine whether an individual is pregnant. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is the hormone that all pregnancy tests detect. This hormone is produced 6 days after fertilisation of an egg.

Which pregnancy test is right for you?

The type of pregnancy testing you opt for is based on your personal preference. Testing comes in many forms. For instance, it can be performed through a blood sample which involves journeys to your GP or a doctor. The most common, and preferred by many women, method of pregnancy detection in this early stage is through a home test.

Home pregnancy testing

Home testing is a quick and straightforward method of pregnancy detection. It can be started on the first day of you missing your period. Alternatively, you can do one 21 days after having unprotected sex if you’re unsure of your period timing. Home pregnancy tests come in many forms, so it is best to take your time and read the instructions carefully to ensure the best results possible.

You can buy pregnancy testing kits at some local supermarkets and our local pharmacies. Free pregnancy tests can be offered to you from your GP under certain circumstances. Most pregnancy testing that can be done at home is not too costly, so unless it’s urgent, a visit to your GP is unnecessary.

How to complete the test

Pregnancy test kits usually come with 1 to 2 sticks per box. To complete the test, visit a private room in your house and pee onto the stick provided; wait for the test to process (usually 3 to 5 minutes), and you should see either a positive or negative result. You can repeat the process if you wish if a negative result is given, as this isn’t a definitive sign. If you continue to see symptoms, then pop into the pharmacy to discuss further options and possible referral to your GP for more.

How Morton Gardens Pharmacy, Bradford can help

If you think you may be pregnant, then it’s best not to be in the dark. A pregnancy test is the most reliable and clear way to confirm if you are pregnant or not. Drop-in to Morton Gardens Pharmacy, Rugby to receive a consultation on the next steps to take or call 01788 572362.

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